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How to Use Furniture Colour in the Office Environment


The office environment is where most people will spend their days, thus making the office environment a happy place is important to increase productivity and reduce sick days. A simple way to spruce up the office is by using colour.

Whether it is colourful office furniture or painting the walls different colours have different impacts. It is thus very important to choose the right colours for the right situation to get the best from your work environment. Whether it is a big mega-company or a small home office, here is a list of how colour can influence the work environment.


Yellow is the colour the human sees first and will definitely stand out in any situation. Yellow is creative and inspiring and will bring new life into the office just like rays of sunshine. This is a very good colour to use in very dark office spaces that have limited windows and natural sunlight and will help create the illusion of light. However, because this colour stands out so much, too much of it can be straining on the eyes and can make workers tired who are overexposed to it. So use yellow accents in the office instead of making the entire office one big yellow blob.


Blue is soothing and healing like the ocean, and thus makes a great colour for break rooms or places where workers can take a break from their desks. It is not recommended as a colour in the area where people are working as it could make them too relaxed and thus less productive. However, it is a great colour for visitor reception rooms as darker shades of blue give off the presence of trust, honour and loyalty and will also calm visitors. Helpful if they have to wait a few minutes, especially in places like doctors’ reception rooms.


Maroon is a great colour for board rooms and meeting rooms as it exudes regal confidence and leadership and could make employees more respectful. This also makes a good colour for corporate logos and reception rooms because of its regal confidence and honour it exudes. Because this colour is neither bright or dark it is a great colour to paint walls and also a great colour for office furniture, because it will not show dirt and marks easily.


Another great colour for office furniture is black. Black will not fade or look worn easily and dirt and marks will be invisible, ensuring your office furniture looks good for years to come. Too much black in the office can become depressing and make the office feel more like a funeral home than a happy place to work. Minimal use of the colour on office furniture can look very stylish and elegant, but painting an entire wall black might be somewhat risky and can make the office feel like a dungeon.

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