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What Are the Effective Ways to De-ice the Roof?


Winter is getting harsher and stronger each and every year. This could spell trouble for homeowners in terms of harder times in deicing their roofs. De-icing is done to remove snow that melted and froze repeatedly on the roof. Although ice may melt easily, an ice buildup or an ice dam may not be so easy to remove.

De-icing one’s roof can be a tedious task, especially if not done right away. When left unattended, ice on the roof can cause gutter clogging water leak, or worse, damage to your roof.

Here are some effective ways to de-ice the roof:

Use warm water.
Ice easily melts when placed near heat so one can try to spray hot water on the ice to thaw it. Be sure though that you sweep or wipe off the melted ice off the roof to prevent it from causing water buildup.

Employ the help of a commercial de-icer.
Prevention is best. It is best that you use commercial de-icer on your roof even before the snowfalls. This prevents ice from forming, which can save you a great deal of time when it is time to clear up your roof. Commercial de-icers contain calcium chloride magnesium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, and potassium chloride. Take note that some chemicals may be harmful to animals and plants so be careful in using it around your garden or pets.

Clean your roof after snow.
Still one of the most effective ways is to do the regular maintenance of your roof. It is important to clear your roof immediately after the snowstorm to prevent ice buildup. You can use roof rakes to make the job easier.

Easy on the ax and hammer.
De-icing the roof is not the same as the retro video game you play as a kid wherein penguins use hammers to cut ice dams or icicles on the side of your roof. Aggressively removing ice formed by ax or hammer may be effective but can also cause damage to your house.

Ask for professional help
If you are unsure of how to de-ice your home, it might be the best time to call the experts. There are technologies available that will help you de-ice your home in no time and will save you from damage costs, injuries, and effort.

Make sure that you properly assess the damage before resorting to one of these methods. It is important that the de-icing is done based on the gravity of the ice buildup. In addition, always exercise caution in performing these methods in the event that you will do it on your own. To save yourself from the stress, hassle, and unnecessary expenses, contact an expert roofer for assistance.

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