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Choosing a Kitchen Set for a Minimalist Kitchen at Home


KitchenSetDesain.com – When deciding on a theme to apply to one room in the living area, there are a number of themes that are quite interesting and can be very appropriate to be selected. Among them is a minimalist theme that is a favorite. This theme could be the right choice to be placed in the room of the house with a size not too large in addition to simple, not too many special ornaments.

Occupancy with a minimally sized kitchen can still look attractive with a minimalist design concept. This is also often referred to as many people with the term minimalist kitchen set as one part of the interior to beautify the home of residence. To complete the dream home with a variety of equipment such as low-priced furniture, cheap kitchen sets, and wardrobe at an affordable price that carries a minimalist theme there are many choices.

For communities around the Jakarta area or nearby, there are many places to choose furniture or kitchen set manufacturing services according to their abilities and agreements. Kitchen sets in Jakarta and kitchen set services in Tangerang, Banten are service providers who often serve many orders but still need to be more selective in choosing furniture manufacturing services. Related to the price of kitchen sets that can be affordable with the budget, it is necessary to conduct a price survey, generally, the type of material used to make kitchen sets or the furniture itself greatly affects the price.

The use of quality materials for a kitchen set can make the kitchen set price even higher. Furthermore, what can also affect prices is the accumulation of size or size.

kitchen set narrow space

It is important to note, that this is related to kitchen sets that are made on the basis of the order (custom kitchen set or custom furniture), this type of offer is different from the built-in products, not least the cost that must be incurred for this type of furniture. If you have a plan to make a kitchen cabinet using a minimalist design concept in accordance with the desire and can beautify and minimalist kitchen set can make it comfortable, there are a few tips in choosing a kitchen set with this minimalist concept.

Make a kitchen set according to your needs

The available space can affect the size of the kitchen set and also the appearance of the space. The size of the kitchen room provided is not too large, it should be more uniform to place the kitchen cabinet set as needed. Of course, it would be different if installing a kitchen set by forcing the desire to place many parts of the cabinet in a small kitchen, not without welds if the results actually make the kitchen look cramped and abysmally.

The size of the kitchen set with the kitchen must be appropriate and must be right in putting the kitchen set in the available places. Also, make sure the kitchen set as a place to put equipment or kitchen equipment more effectively and efficiently so that the small kitchen remains a comfortable cooking place.

Choose the right color

The choice of color in the kitchen set is also quite influential not only on the appearance of the kitchen but also the impression of the condition of the room. The concept of a minimalist style kitchen with natural colors will be more suitable, for example, light brown and white compound, but bright soft colors can also be an option. In a minimalist kitchen, natural colors are used to give a broad impression.

Placing kitchen set cabinets

Furniture for kitchen sets usually consists of several parts, such as the kitchen set at the top. This cabinet is generally used to store kitchen equipment with a lighter weight such as equipment made of plastic or equipment that is often used. The bottom kitchen set cabinet is usually equipped with a drawer that can be used to store heavier equipment and is rarely used.

A kitchen that carries a minimalist theme, kitchen set cabinet should not be too complicated. The open-top cabinet can be an option to anticipate a more chic appearance and not many items are placed in that section. If it is built with the right concept even though the kitchen space is only small in size, the kitchen area will remain comfortable, beautiful and can be used for many daily activities of the residents of the house.

Designing a Minimalist Kitchen to Be More Functional

The reason for the higher price of land makes a number of developers focus more on building simple houses of adequate size.

white slide kitchen set box

Not without the article, in fact, the property market is easier to sell simple houses because the price offered is relatively more affordable by certain circles.
Not only as a residence of this type of house can also be used as a promising investment as an alternative to buying an apartment.

There are many minimalist kitchen design inspirations that can be used for simple type ruymah. Every gap that exists can be used to organize the house more neatly and also to arrange kitchen equipment even though the available space is very limited. To be able to give the impression of more free space the furniture used must be chosen with a slimmer size but still sturdy. Meanwhile, in order to remain stylish, it is necessary to pay attention to the ergonomic side of each placement of equipment or items to be used.

In the countertops to be more efficient enough to use one zinc (dishwasher). Many single-zinc designs are available on the market with various models and also a variety of qualities ranging from the usual to special quality. Take advantage of the blank wall as a storage area by making some sturdy shelves to place equipment with small size and lightweight.

With limited space conditions, the kitchen area can appear with the impression of more relief and fresh air circulation by making the kitchen connected to other rooms without insulation or also connected to an empty space on the side of the house like a garden with a large glass window divider that is easy to be accessed both from inside and from outside the house.

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