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There is One Element of Your Kitchen Cabinet.


The most visible element in many kitchens is the kitchen cabinet. If there is only one element of your kitchen that you choose to update, cabinetry is typically the best choice.

The kitchen cabinet can serve more than just the function of storing dishware and other kitchen necessities. The cabinet doors can be glass or open-fronted to display fine or interesting glassware or serve as a decorative feature. The base can be one color and the doors another for a bold splash of color. They can be wood or metal with inner shelves or glassware stem racks. The possibilities are endless.

Kitchen cabinet doors can be trimmed with a particular color to unite the kitchen with the color scheme of an adjoining room or painted the same white as the walls to set off retro green tile counters. The cabinet base can be a pale wood while the doors have bamboo cut-outs, punctuating an eastern décor.

The design of the kitchen cabinet is also highly customizable. When replacing old cabinetry, you don’t have to replace it in exactly the same way! Create a unique shelving section to display plants or knick-knacks, or put in the perfect wine rack and server. Perhaps you’d really prefer to have the stove two feet to the left and more open space around the window. How about a shelf for your microwave so it doesn’t sit on the counter? Do it!

The styles and colors of wood available can be overwhelming in kitchen cabinet design, but this variety also allows you to find exactly what you want. You can use cherry cinnamon, cherry coffee or cherry light wood. Or perhaps you’d prefer maple frost, maple porcelain or maple parchment. You can paint raw wood any color or create a unique design with mosaic tiles. You are limited only by your imagination.

Kitchen cabinet design and replacement is the perfect DIY project for the crafty homeowner. It is the most effective way to update your kitchen and easy enough for the average person to do. There are plenty of books available to assist you and many home renovation stores offer classes or expertise to answer any questions you have.

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