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Choosing Your Kitchen Lighting


Choosing your kitchen lighting is an important step in the remodeling process. There is any number of lighting combinations you can use so it really comes down to choosing what you like the best.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen you’ll want to make sure you choose kitchen lighting that is bright enough. That trendy bluish cove light shining up from the top of your cabinets won’t be much use if you can’t see well enough to read out of the cookbook. On the other hand, that same trendy bluish light might be perfect for entertaining while the brighter counter lights set under the cabinets can be turned off after the meal is cooked.

Kitchen lighting is also important for setting the ambiance of the room. Some prefer the cold brightness of fluorescent lighting, while others prefer more natural incandescent lighting. There are also specialty lights of varying hues that make a great dramatic effect in any kitchen.

Specialty kitchen lighting is a fun way to add drama or warmth to a room. Lights tinted yellow to give a sunny warmth, while those tinted blue give calm coolness to the room. Feeling wild? Add some red lighting for mystery and drama.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting kitchen lighting is incandescent lights put off quite a bit of heat and may raise the temperature in your kitchen considerably. Though still incandescent, a more efficient choice than a regular bulb light is a halogen. Halogen lighting is crisp and bright and can be easily focused on a single area, such as the stove.

When selecting kitchen lighting, it is often best to go with a combination of two or three systems that each has a separate switch. First, one system should provide ample light to the counters, stove, sink and kitchen island for well lit, safe food preparation.

Secondly, many find that they like to have a kitchen lighting selection that provides a dim to medium setting. This is good for eating or entertaining as there is enough light to see by, but not so much as to lose any evening intimacy.

In some larger kitchens, a third popular kitchen lighting selection is a single light set over the island. This provides plenty of light to the room, without focusing on the clutter of cabinets and counters.

If you don’t want or need multiple kitchen lighting systems, you may still choose to have a dimmer switch installed. This allows one or more systems to be adjusted to the level of brightness that you prefer and is a great way to go from bright functionality to dim intimacy.

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