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Hard Water Treatment Solutions for Showers


Hard water is a problem for many people, and it can affect us wherever we are at — at our home, in our apartment, or even on the road in a hotel or motel. Not only is hard water not-so-nice for our skin, but the oft-described smell of hard water — rotten eggs, sulfur, ‘metallic’, etc — it’s a bit much to handle.

As we have spoken about hard water treatment options on several occasions, we will try to minimize the overlap, but we’ll link to our other articles to provide you some more options to help you find a hard water solution for your situation. Here are a few low-cost hard water treatment options, and regardless of where you are — there is bound to be something here that’ll help you either deal with or eliminate, your hard water problem.

Treating your hard water problem in the shower does not always require you to purchase a shower head filter, or an inline water filtration system for your whole home. Sometimes, you can achieve adequate results by using either a hard water shampoo ($10) or what is called a ‘demineralized’ (~$4/week), which helps to offset the chemicals/minerals in your well water or hard tap water.

To many people, picking up a shower head filter, such as this chrome Culligan showerhead filter ($27), is a good choice. Though, if you don’t have the option of installing a shower-head filter, or you just don’t want to deal with it — well-water shampoos and demineralized packets can go a long way to helping you to alleviate some of the problems associated with hard water in your shower without spending a lot of money up-front.

Hard water solutions for kitchens/drinking water
If you want to soften the water that you use for cooking and drinking, there are alternatives to the under-and-above sink water filtration systems. For starters, pitcher filters are quite cheap — this Brita pitcher filter is only $14, and while it only holds 40ozs of water, it’s an inexpensive solution for softening, and filtering, your well or tap water for cooking or drinking.

If you’re looking for a truly portable solution or a water filter that will work literally wherever you are, a portable water filter bottle ($20) works amazingly well — even if you’re in the middle of the woods and need some clean drinking water from a pond or stream. Something like this would work just as well around the house, at work (depending on your type of work, it might be slightly out of place), on a trip, etc, and it’s a cheap way to clean up your drinking water.

Inexpensive hard water solutions
Treating the hard water problem does not have to be too expensive for you. In fact, all things considered, most shower filtration systems and in-home water treatment systems are relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider the benefits that you are receiving. However, we’ve outlined several alternative options here on this page — feel free to try one (or more) out. If you have a cheap solution for the all-too-common hard water problem, feel free to leave a comment below — we’re always open to suggestions on how to make our water cleaner, better-tasting, and safer.

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