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Installing Your Shower Cubicle


Designing the bathroom is one of the first concerns that come to mind when people start decorating their newly acquired homes. The reality is that, with the availability of contemporary accessories and furniture, it is fairly easy to decorate a bathroom. Whether you are designing a bathroom from scratch or rejuvenating an old one, it is best, to begin with, the shower area. Altering the shower can radically change the overall look of the bathroom, making it not only functional but attractive as well.

If you know little about shower cubicles, then this article will provide some ideas about them. Shower cubicles are enclosures that come in practically all shapes, looks, and sizes. They can be installed quite quickly and are convenient to use. You can see various cubicle shapes such are oblong, square, pentagonal, quadrant, and D shape.

Square/Oblong – This configuration is composed of two slabs of glass positioned on each side of the cubicle. The doors can be easily slid and swung.

Quadrant – This type of cubicle is characteristically installed in the corner, thus getting it surrounded by two walls. It is very elegant, giving your bathroom a touch of style.

D-shape – D-shape cubicles have a very pretty configuration, owing much to its unique shape.

Pentagonal – As the name suggests, a pentagonal cubicle has five walls. Because of this, the cubicle tends to be roomier and more comfortable to move about than most.

The washroom can gain a new look from shower cubicles. Shower cubicles are both ornamental and functional. They look good in bathrooms of any size. They take little time and skill to install. And with the availability of various models and sizes, it is fairly easy to find a cubicle that will best fit the look of your bathroom.

Prior to renovating and decorating your bathroom, you should engage your family in dialogue as regards how you would like the bathroom to be styled. You will need to observe a few pointers when you work on the design of your bathroom. Your new washroom will benefit a lot from contemporary furniture and ornaments. These contemporary accessories can give your bathroom a beautiful ornate appearance. When you purchase a shower, the obvious next step is to buy a shower enclosure. A shower enclosure is specifically useful for a small bathroom.

A wide variety of accessories abound in the market, and one accessory that will look particularly good in the bathroom is a decorative mirror. Decorative mirrors are ornamental, elegant, and create the illusion of size, thus making the bathroom look a lot more spacious than it actually is. The mirrors come in many forms, whether they be small or large, framed or not, and that there are many shapes to choose from as well.

When you have a shower in your bathroom, it almost always follows that you should have a shower cubicle. A shower cubicle keeps the bathroom floor from getting all filled up with water, thus saving you significant mopping time. Without a shower cubicle, you always end up with a wet and slippery bathroom floor that is attractive to molds, dirt, and accidents such as slipping on the floor.

By having a shower cubicle, you are able to keep the floor drier, making the bathroom cleaner and more hygienic. A cubicle limits the area that gets wet during shower time. Since some of the most relaxing moments are spent in the shower, whether that be a warm shower in the cold winter morning or a refreshing summer in the heat of summer, a shower cubicle is a very wise investment in any home.

Installation of a shower cubicle may be simple or complicated, depending on the model and the level of installation difficulty. A frameless shower cubicle is very lovely, its finished appearance being versatile and easy to complement with almost any bathroom style. It is not a simple task to install it, however. But if you put in a little patience and be a little thorough with the installation instructions, setting it up in the bathroom will not be too difficult. Frameless shower cubicles, as opposed to the framed ones, have no stud partitions.

They are attached to the walls through brackets from which the units hang. The shower tray thus serves as the base of the whole structure of the frameless shower cubicle. Because of the rather delicate attachments, the shower tray should be carefully attached. The tray should be at a precise horizontal level with the bathroom floor, and this can be determined by paying attention to the adjustable legs. You should be able to precisely carry out this step because if done haphazardly the rest of the installation process will be problematic.

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