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Why You Should Use a Shower Water Filter


Although we think of a shower as refreshing and cleansing, a surprising amount of harmful chemicals can be easily absorbed through the skin. A shower water filter can remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals providing you with healthy filtered water for showering.

Review of the shower water filter by Aquasana
Without exception, users of the Aquasana shower water filter remark about the soft feel to their hair and skin after showering. The company, in fact, guarantees you will notice this result within one week of use or you can get your money back. This benefit is a result of the work done in the first stage of the filter. The unit comes complete with a two-stage replaceable filter cartridge. The first stage removes chlorine while balancing PH. The second stage filters out THMs (synthetic chemicals)and VOCs (organic chemicals).

Users are amazed that with all of this filtration, surprising pressure is produced. The multiple setting showerhead is user-friendly and can be purchased with or without a handheld water massager. Filter cartridges have a six-month life and are auto-shipped twice yearly, or can be ordered more often if desired.

The Aquasana shower water filter installs quickly without tools and is accompanied by an “Easy Install Video.” Users report that although installation is fairly simple, over-tightening connections can result in leaks or cracks in the housing. Vibrations in water piping have also resulted in cracked housings.

Some users do not like the discharge of carbon residue which occurs for several minutes immediately after installation of a new cartridge. This purge process is typical with carbon filter systems, and most people are more than willing to do this “first water clearing” in order to enjoy the exceptional benefits of carbon filtration.

Softer skin and hair
Filters greatest amount of chemicals and impurities
PH balancer
Ten-minute install including initial purge
Easy-adjust multiple setting showerhead
Strong water pressure

Initial water needs to be flushed into a bucket or down the drain to flush out the cartridge. The mobility of direction of the showerhead was somewhat limited.
Housing can be cracked if over tightened.

The Aquasana shower water filter continually receives an “A” performance rating. The Aquasana shower filter system was voted Best Buy 2006-2008 by Consumers Digest magazine.

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